• Wednesday 11th November 2009
    The Honorarium Of Doctor Gilmour

    • Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge and Chelmsford today awarded David an Honorary Doctorate for his outstanding contribution to music as a writer, performer and innovator.

      November 11, 2009: David receives an Honorary Doctorate. Photo: Perry Hastings. The following is from the University's Press Release: 'The Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences is honouring some outstanding figures from the world of music and publishing with Honorary Doctor of Arts awards. David Gilmour attended Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology, a part of what is now Anglia Ruskin University. It was here that he and his childhood friend Roger 'Syd' Barrett laid the foundations of Pink Floyd and British Psychedelia.

      'Best known as guitarist, vocalist and writer with Pink Floyd, he is also renowned for his solo work and collaborations with other artists including Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, and Pete Townshend.

      'In 1996, Pink Floyd were inducted into the US Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, followed by the same honour in the UK in 2005. During the same year, David Gilmour was made a CBE for services to music. David still has close ties with Anglia Ruskin University, some four decades later, supporting most recently The City Wakes project from the Cambridge School of Art. He is honoured for his outstanding contribution to music as a writer, performer and innovator'.

      All of us at DavidGilmour.com extend our heartiest congratulations to David.

  • Friday 9th October 2009
    Gary's Latest US Extradition Appeal Fails

    • Gary McKinnon, accused of hacking into American military computers, has failed in his latest bid to avoid extradition to the U.S. (see our previous stories for details of Gary's seven-year fight to avoid extradition or click here.

      The High Court decision, announced today, denies Gary the possibility of taking his case to the UK's new Supreme Court – the latest blow to his campaign to remain in Britain. Lord Justice Stanley Burnton said that extradition was "a lawful and proportionate response" to the alleged crimes and that the legal issues raised by the case were not important enough to be considered by the nation's highest court.

      Gary's attorney, Karen Todner, said she was not giving up: "The legal team are now considering our position and we will exhaust every avenue to prevent Gary's extradition". She added that lawyers were considering taking the case back to the European Court of Human Rights, which has previously refused to stop his extradition. British officials have given her legal team two weeks to consider its options.

      Our video window is still running the clip of the Chicago single, featuring David with Chrissie Hynde, Bob Geldof, and Gary himself. Click here to download the single audio with an optional payment in aid of Autism charities.

  • Wednesday 7th October 2009
    David & Orb Rumours True – Up To A Point

    • Recent comments by ambient exponents The Orb's Alex Paterson that they have been collaborating with David Gilmour are true – up to a point. David has done some recording with The Orb and producer Youth, inspired initially by the plight of Gary McKinnon (see our related stories). However, nothing is finalised, and nothing has been confirmed with regards to any structure for the recordings or firm details re: any release plans.

  • Wednesday 30th September 2009
    On An Island: First In Space

    • UK broadcaster Planet Rock holds regular polls on various rock-related subjects. The latest asked listeners to name the Greatest Solo Album Written By A Former Band Member, and the leading album on the Planet was On An Island, David's European No. 1 and US No. 6 release. David's Live In Gdańsk came in at No. 21, and his first solo album David Gilmour was also featured at No. 29.

      The rest of the Top 10 was: 2 - Ozzy ('Blizzard Of Oz'); - Roger Waters ('Amused To Death'); 4 - Peter Gabriel (his first solo album); 5 - Fish (13th Star); 6 - Richie Sambora ('Stranger In This Town'); 7 - Pete Townshend ('Empty Glass'); 8 - David Lee Roth ('Eat 'Em And Smile'); 9 - Robert Plant ('Fate Of Nations'); and 10 - Gary Moore ('Still Got The Blues').

      11. Chris Squire - Fish Out Of Water; 12. Peter Gabriel - So; 13. Bruce Dickinson - The Chemical Wedding; 14. John Lennon - Imagine; 15. Roger Waters - The Pros And Cons Of Hitch-Hiking; 16. Fish - Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors; 17. Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel (his 3rd solo album); 18. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass; 19. Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive; 20. Lou Reed - Transformer; 21. David Gilmour - Live In Gdańsk; 22. Robert Plant - Manic Nirvana; 23. Ace Frehley - Ace Frehley; 24. Jon Anderson - Olias Of Sunhillow; 25. Neil Young - Harvest; 26. Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache; 27. Robert Plant - Pictures At Eleven; 28. Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman; 29. David Gilmour - David Gilmour; 30. Alex Lifeson - Victor.

      31. Eric Clapton - 461 Ocean Boulevard; 32. Steve Perry - Street Talk; 33. David Lee Roth - Skyscraper; 34. Paul Rodgers - Muddy Water Blues; 35. Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon; 36. Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire; 37. David Coverdale - Northwinds; 38. Brian May - Another World; 39. Bob Catley - Legends; 40. Bruce Dickinson - Accident Of Birth.

      For more, see the Planet Rock Website

  • Tuesday 4th August 2009
    Amadou & Mariam Clip Onscreen

    • YouTube watchers will have seen various audience video clips from David's guest spot with Amadou & Mariam at London's Union Chapel in May. We wanted to provide something with a superior sound, so our sound engineer Damon Iddins mixed a medley of four tracks for picture editing. Crisis and the Amadou & Mariam team have combined forces to edit their footage, and we can now show you the results.

      Click here and you will see them, joined by David on guitar, performing extracts of four songs: Welcome To Mali, Mouna, Je Pense A Toi ('I'm Thinking Of You'), and Beaux Dimanches ('Beautiful Sundays').

      The show was part of the Crisis 'Hidden Gigs' series, highlighting the 'Hidden Homeless', which was supported by more than 30 artists including Hot Chip, The Magic Numbers, Pendulum, Noah & The Whale, and Dodgy. More of the sterling work of Crisis can be seen at their Website.

  • Friday 31st July 2009
    Gary Loses Review But Fights On

    • It was announced today that the Judicial Reviews on alleged hacker Gary McKinnon's case did not support his fight against extradition. However Gary's solicitor Karen Todner has said they won't be giving up.

      "We have 28 days in which to lodge an appeal, which is likely to lead to a hearing in mid-September. Depending on the result of that, we may have to make an application to the Supreme Court (formerly known as The House Of Lords), which might be heard in Spring 2010. We will continue to explore every legal avenue until we achieve a just and proper result. Whatever happens, Gary is not going anywhere any time soon."

      Gary's mother Janis Sharp said: "If Gary's was such a dreadful crime, he should have been prosecuted and sentenced here years ago. Compassion can and must now prevail".

      Meanwhile, we now have a promotional video clip of the Chicago single, featuring David with Chrissie Hynde, Bob Geldof, and Gary himself, which can be seen in our video window on the front page. Click here, to download the single audio with an optional payment in aid of Autism charities.

  • Wednesday 29th July 2009
    Gary McKinnon Update – Decision Expected Friday 31st July

    • We have been given to understand that the twin results of the Judicial Reviews will be announced in London this Friday, July 31st. There have been two Judicial Reviews: one to consider the Home Office's handling of the case (whether Gary's Asperger's condition had been taken into account); and another to consider the CPS/Director of Public Prosecutions' refusal to allow Gary's trial in the UK.

      In the event of the Judicial Reviews not supporting Gary's desire to be tried by his peers in the UK, his lawyer has vowed to fight on, as far as the European Court of Human Rights.

      We hope that there will be a positive and speedy outcome to the case; in the meantime, if you would like to hear a small portion of Chicago, the Graham Nash song featuring David, Chrissie Hynde, Bob Geldof, and Gary himself, please click here. The full song can be downloaded from www.freegarymckinnon.co.uk, with an optional donation in aid of Autism charities.

  • Tuesday 14th July 2009
    'If You Believe In Justice' – Listen To Chicago

    • Free Gary McKinnon: 'Chicago'.David's re-recording of Chicago, also featuring Chrissie Hynde and Bob Geldof, and produced by Chris Thomas, is available today via the UK Daily Mail newspaper as a download with a voluntary donation.

      The Daily Mail, not generally known for a liberal stance, has taken up a few crusades in its time and recently devoted its whole front page – plus a further four pages inside – to the plight of Gary McKinnon, the alleged hacker whose proposed extradition to the US highlights the one-sided treaty that currently exists between the UK and the US.

      The song, by Graham Nash and originally recorded by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, has been treated to new lyrics by Gary's mother, Janis Sharp, which Graham has generously approved. The song is addressed to US President Barack Obama, and highlights Gary's perilous legal position as he continues his seven-year fight against deportation, which, under the terms of the treaty, does not require the US to produce any proof of wrongdoing; however, the agreement is not reciprocal and the treaty, originally put in place by then-Home Secretary David Blunkett, has been much criticised for the way in which UK citizens only are exposed to deportation without a domestic judicial process.

      As previously reported, David and many others including the Daily Mail are urging the current Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, to reconsider Gary's case. David has stated: "The attempt to extradite Gary McKinnon to the USA for his naïve hacking has always been a heavy-handed response and the wrong use of an agreement, which wasn't even put in place until after his so-called crime was committed. I am hoping that common sense will prevail and that the English justice can be more effectively used to prevent Gary's extradition".

      According to Chrissie Hynde, "Gary McKinnon is clearly not a terrorist, and the US is in danger of using a sledgehammer treaty to crush him like a nut. The US doesn't allow its own Nationals to be tried abroad, so let Gary be free to face the music in his own country".

      Today sees the publication of the Judicial Review into Gary's current position and, to coincide, the new recording of Chicago is available as a download audio track. Payment (as little as 1p) is voluntary, via a click-through here on the Daily Mail's Web site, but it hoped that those sympathetic enough to want to hear the song will not mind contributing to Gary's fighting fund.

      As you may remember, Gary McKinnon has been been judged by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, one of the world's leading experts in autism, as having had 'no terrorist agenda' and as posing 'no harm to society'. So we hope that you may be able to enjoy the song and 'the hope that it may bring'.

      To read more, click here.

  • Monday 13th July 2009
    Rhino Releases Rare Rod Stewart & David Gilmour Recording

    • Rod Stewart was the not very mysterious guest vocalist for a band called Python Lee Jackson in 1969 (not to be confused with bassist Lee Jackson of The Nice). He supplied his distinctive vocals to In a Broken Dream, and after Rod's ascent to international success, the track duly became a hit.

      Fast forward to 1992; Rod, casting around for material, decided to re-record the song and did so with David Gilmour on guitar. For whatever reason, the track has been sitting in the vaults until now, but is to see the light of day on a new Rod Stewart anthology set on Rhino Records, The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998.

      Tuesday 22nd September is the US release date for the 63-song, 4-CD boxed set via Amazon.com – no ex-US details yet.

      Apparently, Led Zeppelin bassist and noted sessioneer John Paul Jones also plays on the cut, more details on which are below.

      Previously Unreleased Rod Stewart Track with John Paul Jones, David Gilmour to Emerge

      A song recorded in the summer of 1992 by Rod Stewart, David Gilmour and John Paul Jones will finally be released this September after more than 17 years of collecting dust.

      The track is called In a Broken Dream, and it's a remake of the song Stewart first recorded in 1969 as a special guest vocalist for a band called Python Lee Jackson, which had crossed over from Australia to England.

      The story goes that in April 1969, Python Lee Jackson's regular singer, David Bentley, told his bandmates somebody else's voice would suit the song better. Somehow, they reached Stewart, who was then singing regularly for Jeff Beck, and he sat in on this and two other songs during the London sessions that month.

      Despite the song's special guest star, multiple releases of In a Broken Dream eluded the charts for three years. In 1972, it finally became recognised and entered the charts internationally.

      As we fast-forward well beyond Rod Stewart's years fronting the Faces and into his third decade of solo stardom, we emerge at the aforementioned year 1992.

      He'd just experienced a comeback of sorts with a series of successful singles in 1989 and 1990, namely This Old Heart of Mine with Ronald Isley, Downtown Train, Rhythm of My Heart, and The Motown Song with the Temptations. Stewart was entering into a period of collaborations with other vocalists and musicians.

      Having famously reunited with Jeff Beck in the studio to sing People Get Ready on the guitarist's 1984 album Flash, Stewart was now making a habit of recording with all sorts of people: Tina Turner, the band Glass Tiger, and pretty soon it would be Sting and Bryan Adams for the Robin Hood soundtrack. Even Stewart's own Unplugged...and Seated album and TV appearance would feature Ron Wood as a special guest on guitar, a reunion with his Faces bandmate.

      In the middle of all that collaborative work is when Stewart got together in the studio with John Paul Jones and David Gilmour over the summer of 1992, in what appears to be a previously unreported recording session!

      The Pink Floyd guitarist had worked with Jones longer than a decade and a half earlier. They'd met up when recording a 17-minute song featured on Roy Harper's rock album HQ, which Jones and Gilmour were happy to play out live on one occasion. (Since we've been talking about supergroups involving Jones, allow me to mention that their drummer was Bill Bruford!)

      Jones had also worked with Stewart long before that. Toward the end of his days as an in-demand session musician, Jones sat in with the Jeff Beck Group on the recording sessions for Truth. Consequently, Jones plays organ on that album's version of You Shook Me, only a few months before he did the same – plus bass and electric piano – for Led Zeppelin's debut album.

      Jones had also played as a hired session musician on two blues covers Stewart recorded in 1964, before the singer was anybody. These versions of Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town were originally released as Stewart's first single, in October 1964, and are now available as some of the earliest tracks on his double-disc set 1964-1969.

      Again, this brings us to the 1992 meeting of all three musicians: Stewart and Jones plus Gilmour, who was leading Pink Floyd sans Roger Waters. Stewart had just about given up on creating new songs and decided to record some covers. This superstar edition of In a Broken Dream was one of six songs Stewart recorded that summer but chose to put on the backburner.

      All six of these will be included on the final disc of the 4-CD box set The Rod Stewart Sessions 1971-1998, offered by Warner and Rhino. The set is scheduled for a September 22nd release, but preorders are being taken.

  • Saturday 4th July 2009
    Beck And 4th – David Joins Jeff At Albert

    • July 4, 2009: David Gilmour and Jeff Beck at the Royal Albert Hall. Photo: Ross Halfin.As our US cousins know, July 4th is a day for celebration, and so it was tonight, when David joined his friend Jeff Beck onstage. Now we know how many riffs it takes to fill the Albert Hall – many of them, and all mighty.

      Jeff had performed his usual jaw-dropping show, backed by his current band of stellar players – Jason Rebello (keyboards), Vinnie Colaiuta (drums), and Tal Wilkenfeld (bass) – but, just when the capacity crowd thought they'd heard it all, he brought on David Gilmour.

      When the audience bought their tickets, they didn't know they'd be witnessing what could arguably be classed as two of the top five guitarists in the world, but they certainly got their money's worth. David and Jeff traded solos on Jerusalem and closed the show with Hi Ho Silver Lining, which saw Imelda May joining them on vocals and the choral participation of the entire auditorium.

      The evening was a one-off, with no plans for it to be repeated, but it will live on in the memories of those lucky to witness it.

  • Thursday 2nd July 2009
    Jamming At The Moon

    • David talked to The Guardian newspaper about Pink Floyd's atmospheric tune Moonhead, a live jam performed in a BBC TV studio during Apollo 11's first manned landing on the moon on July 20th 1969.

      The article is printed in a special issue of the newspaper's G2 supplement, Mission To The Moon: 40 Years On, out today.

  • Friday 19th June 2009
    Astoria Re-berth: The Hull Story

    • Astoria Re-berth. Photo: Phil Taylor.Our regular readers will know that David's houseboat studio Astoria is one of the best, and certainly the most beautiful, of London's private recording studios.

      Her hull was recently inspected and deemed in need of renovation, so she was moved to dry dock to have a complete steel hull replacement, which should mean she lasts another 30-40 years with no further major work.

      After the new hull was successfully fitted, she was re-floated and towed back to her berth yesterday. The photo above was taken by Astoria studio boss Phil Taylor, and we have some more to view in the Photo Gallery.

      The boat was built in 1911 for theatrical impresario Fred Karno, who wanted to have the best houseboat on the river, specifying that the deck should be able to accommodate an entire 90-piece orchestra. David bought Astoria in 1986 and has used it for recording and mixing Pink Floyd and solo projects.

      Filmmaker Gavin Elder was in attendance throughout the hull replacement operations, so we hope to be able to bring you the moving story in moving pictures at some time in the future.

  • Thursday 18th June 2009
    It's A July Judgement Day For Gary

    • July 14th is the date for the next step in the fight to prevent the extradition of alleged hacker Gary McKinnon. Gary's lawyer, Karen Todner, has announced that Lord Justice Stanley Burnton and Mr Justice Wilkie will decide on Tuesday 14th July whether Gary is to be extradited to the US to face court proceedings there.

      In the event that the court dismisses the order then it will be determined if the case should be tried in the UK. There is a possibility that the whole case could be dismissed, or even rebuilt from the start. There are a lot of considerations, so it is conceivable that the proceedings could be carried over into a further day, which would have to be re-scheduled separately.

  • Friday 12th June 2009
    Gary McKinnon's New Review Due

    • A judicial review by Britain's high court of former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith's handling of the Gary McKinnon extradition proceedings took place in London this week. We are hopeful that new Home Secretary Alan Johnson may review the case with a fresh approach, taking into consideration the crucial medical evidence that Gary McKinnon suffers from Asperger's syndrome, previously ignored.

      A ruling is expected to be announced next week.

  • Monday 25th May 2009
    Let Us Play – Union Chapel Show Tonight

      • David performs with Amadou & Mariam.Islington's Union Chapel was the 'hidden' venue for tonight's musical collaboration between Amadou & Mariam and David Gilmour. A packed house had been given event details only 48 hours in advance, as part of homeless charity Crisis' campaign to highlight 'hidden' homelessness.

        Amadou Bagayoko (Guitar/Vocals) and Mariam Doumbia (Vocals) were backed by their usual band: Laurent Griffon (Bass), Yves Abadi (Drums), and Boubacar Dembele (Percussion) and their set included a selection from their albums including the two most recent, Welcome to Mali and Dimanche à Bamako.

        The set opener was Welcome to Mali, with David onstage right from the start, adding his distinctive flourishes to remind the world (should it need reminding) of his complete command of the fretboard.

        David played for the whole 9-song set, which included Radio Mogo, Ce n'est pas bon, and Masiteladi, all with a solid rhythmic base, allowing frequent space for both Amadou and David to stretch out. Percussionist Boubacar Debele added dynamics throughout the set, an unexpected inclusion in which was No Way from the David Gilmour album. Given a distinctly Malian flavour, with both Amadou and Mariam taking lead vocals, it was a surprise and a delight.

        Leaping to its feet in acclaim for the 70-minute show, the audience was rewarded with one last song, an impromptu Dimanche à Bamako that rocked the hall.

        All in all, an evening that delivered on its considerable promise.

  • Tuesday 19th May 2009
    Amadou & Mariam Crisis Show Now Sold Out

    • Amadou & Mariam's show featuring a special collaboration with David Gilmour, has now sold out. One of the homeless Crisis 'Hidden' gigs, the special show is on Monday 25th May at a secret venue in Central London.

      Ticket holders will be informed of the venue details on the day prior to the show.

      Amadou & Mariam, whose albums include Dimanche à Bamako (Sunday in Bamako) and their latest, Welcome to Mali, are huge David Gilmour fans and were able to meet him at the Mojo Awards a couple of years ago, so it was natural for Crisis to suggest a musical linkup. Crisis will receive all proceeds from the show, which will include support acts to be announced, after which Amadou & Mariam will play with their electric band for around an hour, including a portion with David Gilmour on guitar.

      Crisis, long supported by David, have arranged 'Hidden' gigs to take place in London from now until June 17th. (The venues are 'hidden' until 24 hours before the gig, to draw attention to the very serious reality of 'hidden homelessness' in the UK.) Details of future shows are at Hidden Gigs.

      If you weren't able to make it to what promises to be an unparalleled evening of quality music, please do consider a donation to Crisis – they change lives. Amadou & Mariam are also playing London's Jazz Café this Sunday, 24th May. More information is on their Web site.

  • Friday 8th May 2009
    David's 'Hidden' Talents Added To Amadou & Mariam Crisis Show

    • Amadou & Mariam. Photo: Youri Lenquette.David's only official live performance this year so far will be one of the 'hidden' Crisis gigs, where he will collaborate with Mali superstar duo Amadou & Mariam.

      The special show will be on Monday 25th May at a secret venue in Central London; ticket holders will be informed of the venue details on the day prior to the show.

      Amadou & Mariam, whose albums include Dimanche à Bamako (Sunday in Bamako) and their latest, Welcome to Mali, are huge David Gilmour fans and were able to meet him at the Mojo Awards a couple of years ago, so it was natural for Crisis to suggest a musical collaboration between themselves and David around their May 24th Jazz Café show. Crisis will receive all proceeds from the 'hidden' May 25th gig, which will include support acts, after which Amadou & Mariam will play with their electric band for around an hour, including a portion with David Gilmour on guitar.

      As you may have seen from The Blog, tickets are on sale now from SEE Tickets or the Ticket Hotline: (+44) (0) 871 2200260.

      Tickets are priced at £25 plus booking fee, and there are a few 'VIP Tickets' in the first two rows, at £75 plus booking fee, which include a goody bag.

      David has long supported homeless charity Crisis, whose 'Hidden' gigs take place in London from now until June 17th. (The venues are 'hidden' until 24 hours before the gig, to draw attention to the very serious reality of 'hidden homelessness' in the UK.) For more details, click here for the Crisis Hidden gigs, and here for Amadou & Mariam.

      The show promises to be an unparalleled evening of quality music, but if you're unable to make it, please do consider a donation to Crisis – they change lives.

  • Thursday 16th April 2009
    Wire Man Sculptor's London Exhibition

    • 'Wire Man' creator, David MacIlwaine, has a new outdoor exhibition.David MacIlwaine, the sculptor who created David's 'Wire Man' logo, has a new outdoor exhibition at Clifton Nurseries in Little Venice, London. He began sculpting 25 years ago when the need for a unique chandelier drove him to scavenge the twisted metal rods that supported the vines above his home near Viareggio in Italy.

      Now appreciated worldwide, David's original Wire Man can be seen on the cover of David Gilmour In Concert, while other work includes the logo and graphics of the River Café and candlesticks for the Liberty retail emporium.

      Twenty of his pieces, including The Saxophonist, The Pianist, and The Diver, will be on show from now until September at Clifton Nurseries, with selected large pieces displayed at the canal-side garden at Blomfield Road, Paddington Basin. Visit the Clifton Nurseries Web site here or the David MacIlwaine Web site for more details.

      Entry to Clifton Nurseries is free, and prices range for £250 for a small sculpture to £6,000 for large scale pieces.

      David MacIlwaine says about the David Gilmour Wire Man: "[It's] a piece I created after seeing David perform a solo show surrounded on stage by his guitars, a set up which reminded me of a circle of wagons drawn up in the wild west. His stance is uniquely recognisable and I guess he felt the same as he put a picture of this on the cover of his DVD David Gilmour in Concert and got someone to animate it as part of an ad on TV".

  • Monday 6th April 2009
    GHS Strings Picked As Best At Musik Messe

    • David Gilmour Guitar Strings.Musical instrument fair Musik Messe was held last week in Frankfurt, Germany, and among the presentations of new recording gear and instruments was a celebration of the best of the year. The MIPAs (Musik Messe International Press Awards) are voted for by over 100 instrument and recording magazines, and amongst the winners in 2009 were: Best Strings – the David Gilmour signature GHS Boomer guitar strings.

      These packs, (one for Stratocaster and one for Les Paul) are David's own choice, compiled from individual GHS custom Boomer strings, and previously unavailable in this form. Runners-up were Elixir bronze anti-rust 80/20, and D'Addario's EPN strings.

      Click here for a list of all winners.

  • Thursday 26th March 2009
    David's Vocal Support For McKinnon Extradition Protest

    • Gary McKinnon is a Scot, accused of the computer hacking of US military Web sites, and under threat of extradition to the US to stand trial. He has thus far been unsuccessful in fighting extradition, under the current extradition treaty between the UK and the US, seen by many as one-sided.

      Gary's mother Janis Sharp is organising a 'sing-in' protest on Thursday 2nd April, involving a multi-artist rendition of Graham Nash's 'Chicago', which originally referenced the 'Chicago 7', arrested for protesting at the 1968 Democratic Convention. David has contributed a vocal part to the backing track, although plans are not yet finalised re: other artists' involvement.

      David is not able to participate in person at the April 2nd protest, but said: "Gary McKinnon should not be being extradited to the USA for his naïve hacking. It is a heavy-handed response from the US and it's hard to understand that the English justice system could not be more effectively used to prevent this. I am hoping that common sense will prevail".

      Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome by eminent psychologist Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Gary McKinnon has been the subject of a radio play, The McKinnon Extradition, broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Further updates will appear as more information is received.

  • Thursday 19th March 2009
    The Age of Stupid

    • The Age of Stupid.Tomorrow marks the UK cinema release of a new film, six years in the making: an eco-documentary fusing fact, fiction and animation, called The Age of Stupid.

      Directed by Franny Armstrong, it stars Pete Postlethwaite as the isolated curator of a world museum in the year 2055, a wealth of gloomy archive material from the fifty years previous at his disposal. It's certainly something that everyone should see.

      Find out more about the film and have your say over at The Blog.

  • Wednesday 18th February 2009
    EMI Says One Page Clicks All

    • EMI Records UK have invented a new series of artist-specific Web pages that draw together most of the main Web areas of interest, designating them The Ultimate Fan Page for that artist.

      EMI's David Gilmour Portal.Launched today, their first dedicated 'digital portals' include David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, and Genesis.

      Each page includes some of the more popular Web pages related to each artist, plus a pre-loaded search facility for sites such as Amazon, Wikipedia, Google, and Flickr.

      It also has an updated news feed from bbc.co.uk and Google, plus a music player.

      Of course, every individual will want to use the Web in his or her own way, but it does seem to be a convenient way to link together some of the more common pages that an interested party might want to explore.

      As each page is refreshed or revisited, the artwork, videos and photos change randomly, the idea being to give the user a different experience each time.

      N.B. EMI doesn't edit the content, all of which is already available in Webworld; they merely provide easy but random access to content already carried by legal providers.

      There is an overall site at UltimateFanPage.com, but you might prefer to go directly to David Gilmour, Pink Floyd, or Syd Barrett.

      Each page has a 'feedback' link, so that you can communicate your thoughts directly to the creators. Have a look and see what you think.

  • Tuesday 10th February 2009
    It's A Manz World – But David Sits In

    • Phil Manzanera's three-night stint Ronnie Scott's Club in London had an unbilled addition to the band tonight: David Gilmour on guitar.

      Phil Manzanera, Charles Hayward and David Gilmour at Ronnie Scott's show soundcheck.The band that helped Phil on his 'Firebird V11' album (Leszek Mozdzer, Charles Hayward and Yaron Stavi) ably recreated its energy for the first half of the show, a 45-minute set.

      Then, after a short interval, David joined them onstage with a short take on 'Autumn Leaves' followed by a bluesy rendition of Sidney Bechet's 'Petite Fleur', the instrumental probably best-known for Chris Barber's version featuring Monty Sunshine, which sold a million copies in the US in 1959.

      Final number from the 5-piece was Miles Davis' 'Filles de Kilimanjaro', a masterpiece of understatement, sensitively played by all.

      Through the rest of the show, Phil and band were able to stretch out on more 'Firebird' tunes and some classic catalogue material but also two Roxy Music songs including a Manzanera vocal on 'In Every Dream Home A Heartache'.

      An impressive night on every level.

  • Friday 6th February 2009
    Tuning In To The Grammys

    • The 51st annual GRAMMY (originally Gramophone) Award event will be held in Los Angeles this Sunday, 8th February. As mentioned, David has been nominated for Best Instrumental Rock Performance for Castellorizon from the Live In Gdańsk album. His competitors include Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Rush, and Zappa Plays Zappa featuring Steve Vai.

      If you'd like an early sight of the action, click on this link from 4PM US Eastern Time (1PM Pacific Time/9PM GMT) on February 8. You will see a live stream of the non-televised portion – the 'Pre-Telecast' – including nearly 100 categories of awards hosted by Wayne Brady and Tia Carrere, with some live music performances.

      US TV audiences will get the show live on Sunday 8th February 2009 at 8PM Eastern Time AND Pacific Time on CBS. One can only assume that the West Coasters will get less of the show.

      In the UK, ITV2 will be running a 'highlights' programme on Monday 9th February at 9PM for 2 hours and 10 minutes.

      Performers on the show itself include Lil Wayne, Coldplay, U2, Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood.

      There will also be a special Bo Diddley tribute, featuring Buddy Guy, BB King, John Mayer, and Keith Urban.

      For more nominees, click here.

      And, yes, there still are 110 categories, including Polka...

  • Monday 19th January 2009
    Vinyl Deliveries For LP Set

    • Both EMI and Sony have now manufactured all the orders they've had from retailers for the 5-disc LP Vinyl box set of Live In Gdańsk, with no plans for any re-runs, but there still are some stocks available at some retailers.

      We don't have a list, but in the UK it is worth trying amazon.co.uk and play.com, both of whom are showing stocks at time of writing. In the US, try the 'participating stores' on the recordstoreday.com site. They are all independents, many of whom stock vinyl, although not all of them were able to carry the Gdańsk 5-LP box.

      UPDATE – Here are some links to stores in the US that are carrying the vinyl box: Independent; Bull Moose; Silver Platters; Dimple; and Newbury Comics.

      In France, you may have seen that amazon.fr has just recently had a sale of the vinyl set; that has now finished, although they are still showing two boxes in stock.

      Amazon.de has five, so hopefully with a bit of diligence it will be possible to seek out last-minute supply.

  • Thursday 8th January 2009
    Live In Gdańsk Nominated for UK Producers' Guild Award

    • The UK association of record producers, the Music Producers Guild, has announced the nominations for its inaugural 2009 Awards, and Live In Gdańsk has received a nomination.

      In the 'Best Live Album' category, Live In Gdańsk has been shortlisted, to include David and Phil Manzanera as producers, as well as engineers Andy Jackson, Damon Iddins and Devin Workman, so congratulations to all. Fellow nominees in the category include Girls Aloud and Nephu Huzzband.

      The event, the first so far staged by the Guild, takes place at London's Café de Paris on Thursday 12th February, and will include other categories such as 'Producer Of The Year', 'Engineer Of The Year', and 'Best Newcomer'.